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We are currently booking Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings as a regular practice and ask that you do the best you can to accommodate your appointment on those days. 

Personal Hair Services

I am the owner of Horsepower Hairdressing in Uxbridge, West London. I stepped back from barbering full time on my own shop floor some time ago, and my attention fell to running the business. I am delivering personal on location and after hours barbering.

I offer over 35 years of experience, during which I have developed a unique style of cutting. I specialise in traditional techniques and soft edges that ensure your haircut continues to look great even as it grows out. I also like to work with my clients to create alternative cuts and colours to get you noticed. 

  • All appointments start from £25, with an additional charge of £10 for skin fades.

  • Beard trims are £15

  • Colour starts from £58


Outside of extended hours appointments can also be scheduled from £60.


Please note, there are no discounts or schemes applicable to these services


If you are interested in the Salon's offers, please check here.

Appointments can be arranged outside the UK, in either the US or Spain, convenient to my location and will be charged at the current rate of exchange.


Adam Davis

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Barber Tools

"What an amazing set up for a punctual and professional service. I'm a very busy contractor and having to get to a barber during the day is just an absolutely ache. Adam opening up the Horsepower toolbox to come to my office and give me a well needed trim is a total life changer. "

James Tine

"I did suggest this years ago, but I suppose these things need time to develop. Thank goodness you can cut out of shop hours or I don't think I would ever be trim enough to see the Mrs!"

Neil Brown